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Due to Rinjani will be implied VAT in 2024 by local authority parties , RM1389 will be last on year 2023. New price will be commenced in year 2024


Group 1 : 4/12/2022 - 9/12/2022 (Booking closed)

Group 2 : 11/12/2022 - 16/12/2022 (Fully booked)

Group 3 : 7/5/2023  -  12/5/2023 (Fully Booked)

Group 4 : 14/5/2023  -  19/5/2023 (Fully Booked)

Group 5 : 28/5/2023  -  2/6/2023 (Fully booked)

Group 6 : 20/8/2023  -  25/8/2023 (Fully Booked)

Group 7 : 27/8/2023  -  1/9/2023 (Fully booked)

Group 8 : 11/11/2023  -  16/11/2023 (Booking closed)

Group 9 : 18/11/2023  -  23/11/2023 (Booking closed)

Group 10 : 10/12/2023  -  15/12/2023 (Open Booking)


Year 2024

Group 11 : 1/5/2024  -  6/5/2024 (Open Booking)

Group 12 : 7/5/2024  -  12/5/2024 (Open Booking)

Group 13 : 19/5/2024  -  24/5/2024 (Open Booking)

Group 14 : 26/5/2024  -  31/5/2024 (Open Booking)

Group 15 : 7/7/2024  -  12/7/2024 (Open Booking)

Group 16 : 14/7/2024  -  19/7/2024 (Open Booking)


***Booking Dealine : 60 days from departure date


Mount Rinjani, second highest mountain in Indonesia, and an active volcano, is valued and protected by many for its spiritual, as well as the many natural qualities that endear it to those who experience its majesty; leading to its worship by thousands of Balinese as well as Sasak pilgrims.

Within the crater is the spectacular Segara Anak lake and the still-active volcano Gunung Baru (2,363m). For the people of Lombok, Sasak, and Balinese alike, the volcano is revered as sacred place and abode of deities, Segar Anak crater is the destination of thousands of pilgrims who place offering in the water and bathe away disease in the hot springs.

There are many routes up the mountain, but the main access is from Senaru in the north and Semabalun Lawang to the east. The challenging three-day Rinjani Trek route from Senaru to the crater rim (Pelawangan), down to the stunning crater lake and then on to Sembalun Lawang, is considered one of the best treks in South East Asia.

Elevation : 2800++m

Difficulty : 7/10

Duration : 4D3N TREKKING + 1 day Arrival & 1 day Departure

Event Style : Mountain Trekking

Event Status : Open Booking

Group Size : Min 10, Max 19

Meetup : Lombok International Airport

End Point : Lombok International Airport 


FOOD on own expenses


Lunch  - Indonesia Local restaurant (own expenses)


DAY 6 

Lunch  -  (own expenses)



1. Trekking Equipment  -  2 Hiking clothes, 2 Hiking pants, Hiking shoe, Cap, Glove, Warm jacket (MUST), Rain jacket, 2 sets City leisure tour Spare clothes, Backpack 25-45L

2. Camping Equipment  -  Tent, sleeping pad,sleeping bag and Pillow provided by guide,

 -  Trekking poles, Headlamp, Slipper (optional), Power bank, wiser (if any), Toiletries (travel pack hair and body shampoo) , Standby battery, Tissue

3. Snack and Water  -  Water 1-3L (provided during trekking), Snack, Raisin, Nuts, Candy, Energy bar/gel, dry meat, biscuits,  etc..

4. Medicine  -  Personal medicine, Antihistamine 



Gas and Stove, Cookware, Water bag, Walkies talkies, Simple First-aid kits

All cooking materials and cookware will be carried by porter. Tent, Sleeping pad and sleeping bag provided and carry by porter. All participants carry their own Backpack. Personal Porter available upon request, estimate charge IDR 300000 (around RM100) per day for 20kg.   



This activity requires high level of physical fitness. Participant must have the fitness and stamina to ascent 1200m and above, or at least complete hiking distance of 16km in day hike. We do not accept registration from people suffering from infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, severe respiratory diseases, mental illness, severe anemia, patients recovering from surgery, pregnant women, and people with severe high blood pressure. This event is only open to those aged 18 and above.


This event is planned and executed by Nova Adventure. Before registering for the event, please be sure to read, understand, evaluate, and agree to all terms and conditions.


 Payment terms

1. A non-refundable deposit of RM500 is payable to secure booking. Balance fee RM889 to be collected upon booking deadline or when the event is fully booked.


** Deposit is refundable subjected to below conditions:

a. Event cancellation by Nova Adventure due to insufficient number of participants

b. Event cancellation by Nova Adventure due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. (Example: due to pandemic/ natural disaster/ war/ etc)

c. Event cancellation by Nova Adventure due to fail to secure permit or accommodation at event destination.(Example: Mount Kinabalu Panalaban Hostel/ hiking permit/ etc)

2. Full event fee must be paid upfront before event departure. Once an event has closed booking by stated deadline or fully booked, Nova Adventure will notified participant in our event group for balance collection. Failure to make payment in 14 Days after Nova Adventure issued balance collection notification, the booking will be automatically canceled, and security deposit forfeited.

3. Upon full payment, in the circumstances of pending approval of hiking permit from Local Forestry/Authority Department, refund is allowed, 20% admin fees, permit fees and permit application service charge will be deducted and balance will be refunded to participant. However, transfer to other events under Nova Adventure OR same event on different departure date NO admin fee will be deducted.

4. Cost differentiate for switching between event, in the circumstances of pending approval of Hiking Permit from Local Forestry/Authority Department :

a. if original event fee less than new event fee, participant need to top up the differentiate cost

b. If the new event fee less than the origin event fee, the differentiate of fee will be refunded  

5. Upon full payment and confirmation of hiking permit from Local Forestry/Authority Department , refund or transfer to other Nova Adventure event apply as below.

a. More than 10 days prior event start date, refund or transfer is allowed. Guide fee, permit fee, permit application service charge, 20% administration fee and related fees will be deducted from total payment and balance will be refunded

b. Less than 10 days prior event start date, refund or transfer will not be entertained.

6. Upon confirmation of Hiking Permit or any other trekker card or entrance ticket, name change only allow 21 days prior event departure date, EXCEPT Mount Irau via Mossy Forest trek and Mount Kinabalu, name change NOT ALLOW at all time due to terms and conditions set by authority party.  

7. Cancellation of participation due to personal reason ,such as serious illness, injury, operation, and etc before commencement of event, formal documents and prove must be attached for refund purpose, all incurred cost will be deducted, and imposed 20% of admin fees and service charge, balance will be refunded to participant.

8. Payment make using credit card, when refund happen, another 4% of the total payment will be deducted for finance service charge.

9. 100% charge will be applied for No Show registration.

10. After commence of event, no refund in part or in full will be given for services included in the booking and not utilized by the participant.

11. Event Tentative may subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances beyond Nova Adventure’s control. Every effort will be made to carry out event as planned, but alterations in accommodation arrangement (if any), event tentative, date, may occur when deem necessary.

12. Participant need to self-purchase travel insurance prior event started. Nova Adventure cannot be held responsible for any losses as a result of you being inadequately insured OR without insurance.

13. Nova Adventure reserves the rights to update or modify our events and payment term contents and clauses in terms and conditions without prior notice, you are advise to check and keep tab of changes by browsing Novaplanet.club website regularly.

14. Last minutes cancellation of event due to weather factor like raining and etc, payment is NOT refundable, but new date for same event will be given. If participant can not make it on the given date, participant allow to transfer to other event under SAME GUIDE.  

All Participant MUST sign a copy of disclaimer form before start of hiking. IF anyone fail to sign the disclaimer form, please do inform us earlier and consider you retrive from participate in this event and partial payment after deducted guide fee, permit fee, permit application service charge, 20% administration fee and related fees, balance will be refunded.

Price Includes
Camping Equipment : Tent (3 person sharing ), outdoor mattress, Sleeping bag, Pillow
Drink : Teh O, Black Coffee, Water (boiling water and mineral water), Poccary Sweat, Lemon ginger tea
Meals : 4 Lunch + 5 Dinner + 1 Supper Breakfast (Summit day) + 5 Breakfast
Accomodation : 3 nights 3person tent, 2 nights Senaru hotel (1 room 2-3 person)
Facilities : Foldable Tables and Chairs, eating utilities, cup, moveable toilet
Mangement and Administration fees : Rinjani National Park Entrance Ticket, All Government taxes, Admin fee, On site management, Logistic, Malaysia Support Team
Staff : Leader, Cook, Sweeper, Guide, Porter (TO CARRY SHARING FOOD RATION AND CAMPING EQUIPMENTS ONLY), Camp Ready Setup
Transports : Lombok Airport - Senaru Hotel, Senaru - Sembalun Gate, Senaru Gate - Senaru Hotel, Senaru Hotel - Lombok airport ( follow leader arrival & departure time , other airport arrival & departure time consider on own expenses)
Price Excludes
Travel & Hiking Insurance
Flight Ticket
Personal spending, foods, beverages and liquor
Emergency rescue and evacuation fees
Any others cost that not stated in above “INCLUDE” section
Tips to Guide and Porter (Appreciate and support their effort to keep us safe return), suggested tipping cost 200,000 per hiker
Personal Gears like trekking poles, headlamp, backpack, down jacket and etc
Day 1 & 6 lunch

Travel Styles

Nature & Adventure
Festival & Events
Special Interest

3.5 hours drive
- 1730 Meetup Lombok international airport
- Airport pickup
- Transfer to Senaru Village Guest house, 3.5 hours journey by van
- Check in Guest House
- Late Dinner after check in Guest House
- Meet our guide
- Briefing and Q&A session
- Dismiss
- Packing (luggage keep in hotel and backpack bring for trekking get ready and keep separately)
- Good night

1 hour drive
Trek 6km, 8 hours, elevation gain 1600m
- 0600 Wake up
- 0630 Breakfast
- Bring luggage to pointing area after breakfast & get ready to transfer to Rinjani Information Center (RIC) in Sembalun Lawang Village
- 0700 Transfer to RIC
- 0745 Medical check up at RIC
- 0815 Registration and photo session at RIC
- 0830 move to Sembalun Gate via Kandang Sapi trail
- 0850 arrive Kandang Sapi gate
- Toilet/backpack to personal porter/motorist and member matching/photo session/ short briefing
- 0915 start trekking to Pelawangan Sembalun
- 1030 Pos 1 Pemantauan (1,300)
- 1115 Pos 2, Tengengean (1,500 m), Lunch break
- 1215 continue trekking - 1330 Pos 3 Pada Balong (1,800 m)
- 1700 Pelawangan Sembalun campsite (2,639 m)
- Check in tent
- Dinner 1 hour after check in tent
- Bring your own water bottle to kitchen tent for crew to fill up hot water

12km, 12 hours, elevation gain 1100m, descent 1700m
- 0200 wake up and get ready
- 0230 light breakfast, and we will begin the necessary preparations for the hard three-hour climb to the summit (3,726 m)
- 0300 Summit attack
- 0500 hours to reach Punggungan, rest station
- 0630 Rinjani Summit
- Rest and photo session
- 0715 Descent back to campsite
- 0930 arrive Pelawangan Sembalun campsite for breakfast
- Trek down to Segara Anak Lake NO LATER than 1100, 5km, 3 hours
- Check in tent
- 1400 Late Lunch at Segara Anak Lake (2000m)
- Go to enjoy Hot spring
- Bring your water bottle to kitchen tent to get hot water
- 1800 Dinner
- Over night lakeside

3km, 3 hours, elevation gain 700m
- Relaxing and chill out day
- wake up in the morning, breakfast and enjoy the serenity of lakeside morning
- After early lunch, we will leave the lake and climb for 3 hours up to Plawangan Senaru (2,461 m)
- 1500 Arrive Plawangan Senaru campsites - we shall enjoy the views of the lake from the other side, relax, explore and await the sunset.
- Bring your water bottle to kitchen tent to fill up hot water
- 1800 Dinner
- Over night at Plawangan Senaru

10km, 6 hours, descent 2000m
- 0600 wake up and get ready
- 0630 breakfast
- 0700 sharp leave campsite
- 1130 Pos 1
- 1200 lunch break
-1230 Move to Rinjani gate
-1250 Arrive Rinjani Gate
- 1330 Move to Hotel
- By 1400 arrive Senaru Lodge, check in guest house, free and easy - 1900 Congratulatory dinner and Rinjani convocation
- Free and easy , you may chill out at guest house pool side

- 07:15 Breakfast than visit to sendang gile water fall & Tiu Kelep Waterfall
- check out and transfer to Lombok airport
- End of event, fly back home or continue your journey in Indonesia

Above estimated timing base on average hiker fitness, time might varies from different individual.


Sembalun - Rinjani - Senaru

We stay in tent for 3 nights

2-3 person per tent

No need, tent provided by Guide

No need, both items will be provided by guide. Due to sharing basis and hygiene concern, you are encourage to bring a sleeping bag liner with you

Porter provided by guide will carry those equipment.

Yes, self carry

No, all foods ration and drinking water will be carried by porter.

No, those porter prepared by guide to carry all foods ration and camping equipment. In case you need porter to carry personal belonging you need to hire own porter. Personal porter cost IDR 300.000 per day.

Yes, simple movable toilet tent

Not for first and third night campsites due to lack of water. You may take bath on second day campsite, because its located nearby the anak segera lake.

Wearing gaiter or long pant with mid-cut or high-cut trekking shoe

Base layer + soft shell jacket/ fleece + hard shell jacket (or base layer + 3in1 jacket)

3 pairs of sock, wearing 1 pair, standby 2 pairs

At least 1L + 500ml

A Chef hired by guide will cook all meals for us

We could prepare meals for vegetarian

Yes, a pair of normal glove will do

Our meet point is our event starting point which is Lombok International airport arrival hall. Because majority of us depart from Malaysia, we will meet and greet at KLIA2 on departure day

You may refer to below "Itinerary" section in this webpage and click on those blue colour words for full details.

We only start trekking on second day. Arrival day we travel from airport to Senaru village and estimate travelling time 3-4 hours and then check in hotel. If time allow, we will visit to nearby waterfall

You may keep you baggage in Senaru hotel

2-3 pax sharing a room, mixing of double and twin bed rooms.

Yes, for personal guide charging IDR 350.000 per day

You may refer to above introduction section in this webpage

Yes, simple washing facility, due to we got a big group, its gonna to take long time for all of use to finish taking shower. We encourage members to do just a simple wash and only take bath when arrive hotel in Senggigi

Travelling time estimate 2-2.5 hours

Yes, strongly encourage you to buy an insurance. Please contact your insurance agent for further details and get their professional opinion on that.

Yes, please have your thermos bottle ready everyday we reach campsites

Yes, you still need to prepare some snack, nuts, energy bar/energy gel for light meals on trek



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